ABOUT dinastro

I have been practicing Astrology incessantly since the age of 12 !  My interest began when a friend presented me the Linda Goodman Sun Signs to read.  Studying the writings of Sepharial, Alan Leo, William Lilly and Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos inspired me to practice astrology on all those around me.  This progressed to casting personal hand-calculated and beautifully hand-drawn charts, specialising in prediction.  A demand for courses disseminating my knowledge of astrology soon followed.


My diploma in Architectural Technology assisted me to create Topoi, a unique astrological 'feng shui' for the home tying the personal chart with the private home, office or business.  This enables the conscious manipulation of energies through changing living space to achieve results in chosen areas of life.  My diploma in Clinical Nutrition enables me to link astrology with health to give insights into health issues and advice on dates for successful procedures. Recently I have graduated with a degree in Naturopathy.  This enables the practice to give insights on all aspects of life.


Dinastro has been successfully busy since 1995 with clients comprising of individuals, families and businesses from South Africa, UK, Cyprus, Australia, USA, Middle East, Europe.     

Dinastro offers chart interpretation, prediction, synastry or chart comparison, election, horary, Topoi house plans, talks and courses from my practice and via email.  The astrological information gives in-depth insights into future trends, enables choosing the right timing for important events, highlights significant events and most importantly includes dates.  

dinastro abides by the axiom 'there is nothing below that is not ruled by that which is above' by Hermes Trismegistos.

Dina Carvalho CND NHDA ND




'ASTROLOGY - This science teaches and treats….. the connection between man, the earth, and the stars'.  - Paracelsus:  Hermetic Astronomy.

The word 'astrology' is derived from the Greek word 'astro-logeia' meaning the word, or law of the stars.  dinastro is an astrological practice offering insights into yourself and into your life.  It gives tools of understanding into the higher forces that guide our lives and our own use of free will.  dinastro is run by Dina Carvalho who has been in private professional astrological practice since 1995.

dinastro specializes in predictive astrology which can be used daily to assist with decision making and to view outcomes of choices we have made.  Assessing the information from your reading gives you a personal key to the energies of your horoscope.  It is recommended that an astrological synopsis be made once a year.  This will give you a good indication of the energies of plans and will help you build a good understanding into the changes that come into your life.



Astrological Readings, House Topoi and Courses are offered via a one-to-one personal consultation or via email (distance learning).

Astrology is an art and a science, enabling its students and followers to understand the inner nature of things, events and people.  It is a way of life where one is constantly stimulated to learn and experience.

NATAL ASTROLOGY:  Using the date, time and place of birth an astrological horoscope is drawn.  This is a wheel, which charts the activity in the skies at the date and time of birth, as seen from the place of birth.  This astrological thesis is analysed to gain an understanding into your make-up, character, environment, life and experiences.  The study of the natal chart helps us to understand ourselves, what motivates us, and what changes will enter our lives in the future.  Astrology expands our minds, enhancing the subtleties of life.  

The Astrological Natal Chart gives rise to the analysis of current planetary placements for accurate prediction into the time ahead.  Predictive astrology is specific with dates to events. 

TOPOI:   defines the house or office realm by linking the personal chart with the private space defining the areas of life with the areas of the house or business.  A plan of the space is needed along with the date of the house or business (date moved in or date of transfer).  An in-depth prognosis is given facilitating manipulation of energies through outward moving and energising energies of space to bring about desired results in the life.  

COURSES:   are offered via email or via visits to the practice.  They vary in time frame, depending on the course offered.  Astrology course on Natal prediction is for 10 months, February-October annually.  Shorter astrology courses on time election and prediction run once a week, for five weeks three times a year.  Knowledge derived can be applied immediately.